Cewe Infrastructure Ltd is a general contractor that capitalizes on its team, its founder, and access to key strategic partners gained throughout the last 25 years of construction projects. It is this expertise and relationships that have allowed Cewe Infrastructure to bring global expertise into the Canadian marketplace. Civil Infrastructure project success is directly correlated to access to expertise, leadership and key partners who are best suited for minimise risk and maximise project success for all project stakeholders. It is this knowledge expertise that places Cewe Infrastructure in a unique position to lead complex projects while at the same time adding flexibility and creativity to an otherwise traditional industry.



Cewe Infrastructure Ltd's team has a unique formation that combines the various facets of the construction industry under one umbrella. our strength driven from our people and our people are striving to provide first class services, we have combined individuals with remarkable experiences in different areas and aspects of the industry. We have the background of heavy civil, infrastructure, tunneling, mining, commercial and design build. Our team is a correlation of senior professional engineers and construction expertise with a combined almost 20 decades of profound knowledge's and experiences.

This unique combination of the multi disciplines professional make us very strong in all aspects of your need.



The following projects are a representation of the diverse career experiece of our qualified team.

  • Wandering River Bridge

  • John Hart Bridge and Interchange Project

  • Cheakamus Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Burrard Street Bridge

  • Zeballos Lake Hydro Limited Partnership

  • Tyson Creek Hydro Project

  • Slim River Bridge

  • Brilliant Dam



Cewe Infrastructure is committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers in our office, properties and project sites. All levels of management recognize that workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment.

Our company understands the importance of pro-actively dealing with health and safety issues, hazards and conditions in all areas of our work. We are also dedicated to implementing health and safety solutions, practices, procedures and recommendations that are reasonable and practicable for our workers, subcontractors and clients.

We strongly believe in providing all types of workers with ongoing training and educational opportunities in all aspects of our Health and Safety Program.

Cewe encourages regular feedback from workers, subcontractors and clients about our Health and Safety program. We recognize that workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment.


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Cewe Infrastructure has a strong commitment to the environment. Our waste management and environemntal policy considers the following:

Cewe shall work together with clients, work jurisdiction’s government authorities, environmental consultants, engineers, prime contractors, subcontractors and workers to ensure impact to the environment is minimized and/or prevented at our work sites;

All Cewe work sites shall have designated areas for refuse/garbage, hazardous materials as well as equipment/vehicle refueling/servicing areas. Housekeeping and inspections will be completed on a regular, scheduled basis. Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) created for the work site will be adhered to with the appropriate controls in place before and during all work.

Any materials that may impact the Environment negatively must be considered prior to commencement of work.